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AndroidApp  So SNRadio has taken a big step forward boys and girls.  Rich the Techie and the Girl in the booth have been working hard to give you  a whole new way to tune in and keep up to date with all things SNRadio.

So they went and created the NEW Supernatural Radio App for Android (Beta version).
(Sorry IPhone users, we’re not there yet, BUT you can access our site and listen on your IPhone by going to our website and clicking the “Listen Now” link.)

 With the App you can:

  •        – See what’s going on at SNRadio
    – Listen to your favorite Music, Hunter Tips, and SNRadio spots
    – Check out the Interviews, News, and Friends of SNRadio
    – Contact us and MORE

So how to you get the App? You can go to the link below on your Smartphone or scan the QR code below:

QR Code
*  We will be putting this up on Google Play shortly, but before we do, we wanted to have you, the listener, tell us if this is something you would use.  After all, uploading to Google Play isn’t free, but our App IS:  free to download, free to use, and commercial FREE.  So we want to make sure you love it as much as we do.

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